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Newbies Guides to Finance

Providing their own unique twist to the usual dry textbooks, this series of financial guides is written in a conversational way by an experienced financial educator.

Starting from an assumption that the reader, while intelligent, has not been exposed to the concepts explained, and wants to know the practical methods to advance their knowledge, the guides are to the point and easily understood.

Newbieses: Forex Ever wondered what Forex was about?

All you wanted to know about trading Forex, but were afraid to ask. Now you don’t have to pretend that you understand what others are talking about, because in this guide is all laid out in easy to follow terms. The advantages of currency trading over other forms of financial dealing are explained for your education. Trading Forex isn’t for everybody, but the risks are explained in detail so that you know what they are and, more importantly, how you can deal with them. The guide even gives you a sample trading system from which you can develop your own trading plan.

This is one of a series of financial guides published under the “Newbies” heading, and the author is an established writer of conventional financial books who knows what he is talking about and how to explain it. After reading this book, you will have a good grounding in the mechanics of Forex or foreign exchange trading, and be better placed to decide whether it is something that appeals to you.

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This guide, available on Kindle, explains it in easy terms